A note on fear

A year ago I attended a retreat at Gecko Creek. I remember that most days I felt paralysed with fear and in a state of complete overwhelm, the retreat was called Elemental Union and it was so apt because at Gecko Creek you cannot escape the elements even if you tried, spirit moves there all the time. 


Earlier this week I really just needed to run away for a while and fill myself back up in and with nature.  So there I stood back on the rocks I stood a year ago, allowed tears to fall for what was and what is no longer, for the growth within myself, for the loss, for the depths to which I can feel pain and for the perfect beauty of the Cederberg. 

Whenever I come back into the city after being in the mountains there is always a bit of a re-adjusment period, and a longing to be back with nature. I often dream of running away to the mountains and living there, close to the earth and the stars. 

As this week ends, I'm full of fear again, but I can see it's not mine, there is just fear here.

To a beautiful week ahead, may the sun shine for you always x