A note on 2018


The year I started working as a doula, the year of being on call, the year of sleepless nights, the year of forgetting, the year of remembering and unlearning, the year of many loses and tears, the year of going home, the year of my constantly growing family in Zambia, the beautiful autumn spent in the UK, the year of meeting many new humans, the year of loving fiercely, the year of not being able to get out of bed for days at a time, the year of being held by so many. I see you all, Thank You. 

As I start folding up the year in preparation for next I look back on this year and think wow, you really lived this year and this is not something I can say for previous years in previous years I spent a lot of time just existing and I’m not willing to just exist anymore, I want to feel deeply, I want to love deeply and I want to effect change. 

I look forward to walking with my new clients  next year but in the safest parts of my heart I will hold all the women and families I was blessed enough to meet this year. 

Lots of exciting and scary shifts are happening in 2019 but I will let you know as those unfold. I am very much looking forward to our first ever Pregnancy Retreat and the many other things in the pipeline. 



 (please note these dates have changed to 29 March 2019 - 31 March 2019) 

Much love to all of you reading this.

See you next year ❤️